Astros seeking catcher

Jenifer Langosch/

News that Jason Castro will miss all or most of the season (right knee surgery) now leaves Houston without a starting catcher. At the same time, the Pirates are trying to trade a catcher. Could there be a match with Ryan Doumit and Houston?

It’s still way premature to assume that Doumit is on his way to Texas. Way premature. But it’s something to note now and keep an eye on. The Astros do have five catchers left in camp, including two on the team’s 40-man roster. So an answer could come internally.

If Houston wants to look elsewhere for a catcher, $5.1 million is much more than the team wants to spend on a one-year fix. That’s how much Doumit is owed this season. I still believe the Pirates would be willing to eat some of that salary, but only if they get the player(s) they want in return. It’s unknown how much Houston would really want to give up to get Doumit for one season.

Something to consider as the Pirates get ready to play the Phillies in front of a pro-Phillies crowd at McKechnie Field.

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  1. snyfly

    This is now going beyong ridiculous. Ryan Doumit is the best catcher on this team. Take that career .230 batting waste of $5M (Snyder) and get rid of him now. He batted .207 since coming over last year – he shouldn’t even be the backup. The club obviously realizes the starting pitchers had something to do with Doumit’s throw-out numbers last year based on the emphasis they are placing on speeding their deliveries this spring. Is there another reason the club doesn’t like him??? PLEASE… somebody listen. Get Doumit’s bat back into the line-up by dumping Snyder.

  2. harleymb

    Are you serious ? Doumit may be, no was, the worst starting defensive catcher in baseball. He gave up more runs with his lack of ability behind the plate than he ever offset with his inconsistent bat. Take a bag of popcorn for him.

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