Beimel shut down

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Joe Beimel took the mound on Tuesday as expected, but the side session did not go as planned. The Pirates shut Beimel down after he experienced discomfort in his left forearm while going through his throwing program.

Beimel is scheduled to have an MRI on his left forearm either Tuesday or Wednesday. He first felt pain in his left forearm on Saturday and took the next two days off as a precautionary measure.

The Pirates already lack left-handed relief options and could be in a bind if Beimel’s injury turns out to be serious. He was expected to serve as the team’s left-handed set-up man and was the only sure left-hander the Pirates have in the bullpen at this point.

UPDATE: Beimel is scheduled to have the MRI at 4 pm today. He said he threw about 10 pitches Tuesday morning before feeling the discomfort. That is when he shut it down. Both Beimel and GM Neal Huntington appear optimistic that the injury isn’t going to be anything too serious.

Said Beimel: “Things didn’t go great today. It’s definitely getting better. I would have liked to have thrown a little more today and I started to feel it so I shut it down. They just want to go and see if there is anything in there. Just talking to the doctors and things like that, they said it shouldn’t be a big deal and that it’s more muscular than anything else. Want to get the MRI to make sure.”

Huntington was asked about the team’s other left-handed reliever options should Beimel’s injury linger.

“It’s something we’ll address when and if it happens,” Huntington said. “We’re optimistic that it’s going to be just a short shutdown and as a reliever that he can get back out there pretty quickly. He’s in tremendous shape. It’s not really something necessary to talk about right now.”

More to come later on, including a closer look at what other options the Pirates do have if Beimel is sidelined.

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