Bucs re-sign two; non-tender four

Jenifer Langosch/MLB.com

Tonight’s roster moves:

  • Ronny Cedeno agreed to a one-year contract with a club option for 2012
  • Jeff Karstens agreed to a one-year contract
  • Joel Hanrahan and Ross Ohlendorf were tendered contracts
  • Lastings Milledge, Argenis Diaz, Brian Burres and Donnie Veal were not tendered contracts; they become free agents

From GM Neal Huntington:

On Milledge: We spent a lot of time analyzing Lastings Milledge as compared with the potential alternatives for the expected role and determined it was worth further exploration of the alternatives.  We remain open to continuing dialogue with Lastings.”

On Veal: “Everything is on schedule with Donnie’s rehabilitation.  We made a tough business decision, but we are optimistic we will be able to re-sign Donnie.”

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  1. fanfreakintastic

    Man, I like both Cedeno and Karstens. I know that both have had some hard times, but I believe that both of them will show marked improvements this upcoming season. Signing them to a one year contract (probably for next to nothing) shows a lack of commitment to the players by the Pirates, and serves only as incentive for players to work hard to find their ways onto other teams…………..

    Hanrahan and Ohlendorf… thumbs up here. I expect good things from these guys. But little was said about the contracts, give us more info……………..

    And Lastings Miiledge? I was disappointed to hear about his non-tender. Sure his stats weren’t that great (especially in the HR column), but he hardly played. Can’t get good numbers on the bench. I believe he would have done just as well as Doumit and wouldn’t have lost any games for you either as Doumit did. Doumit is a liability no matter where he plays (and his bat ain’t that hot either), should have non-tendered him and kept Milledge. I hope the Pirates work hard to keep Lastings and dump Doumit (I don’t care about Doumit being a back up catcher either, he sucks there too)

  2. gsbucfan

    Recently I have been reading about the early history of baseball and the numerous changes that took place during the first decade. I think it is long overdue that small market teams such as Pittsburgh redefine the role of the “starting pitcher.” Since two-thirds of the teams cannot afford scarce high-dollar premium pitchers, they have to attempt to win a game by the “pitching staff.” In many cases the second time through the lineup is when the mediocre pitchers get knocked around. Therefore, after three innings, put in another pitcher to get through the lineup the second time. The middle relief and closer role could still remain essentially the same. My only concern is the number of days rest a pitcher would need after pitching three innings. Probably teams would need to carry more pitchers on the roster- I think it could be done.

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