Source: Rangers not in on Doumit

Jenifer Langosch/

General manager Neal Huntington confirmed on Monday that teams have called him regarding the availability of catcher Ryan Doumit on the trade front. Apparently, the Rangers, who do have an interest in the catching market, are not a serious suitor.

Even though there have been reports that the Rangers have talked to the Pirates about Doumit, an American League source confirmed on Tuesday morning that right now Texas is not interested in swinging a trade for the starting catcher.

Texas has been forced to start exploring additional catching options because of a recent injury to Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Saltalamacchia underwent shoulder surgery on Friday and may or may not be ready come Spring Training.

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    hahahahahaha! here we go again!! let’s trade any major league talent we have for nothing! huntington is a joke, nutting is a joke, and they have turned a proud organization into the laughing stock of pro sports! go ahead trade doumit, might as well trade mccutcheon too while you’re at it! enjoy losing 100+games and then telling pittsburgh how you are trying to build a winner!

  2. nikkidawn

    I still think they should sell the team to Mario. Not the point, I have been a loyal fan since the day I was born in 1989 so I have known these ways for almost all of my life, whats the rest of it? Why bother changing the system. I will support what ever players we put on the feild but this huntington and nitting need to go, let’s trade them, Oh wait! Nobody would want them so lets throw them overboard!

    (If Ryan goes i will follow him like I have with Jack and Freddy and Adam and Jesse. who ever goes in his spot I will cheer for) But I will not endorse this organization, its a business I get it but this isn’t how you run one.

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