Pirates still scouting Tigers

Larry Corrigan, one of GM Neal Huntington’s special assistants, stayed to scout the Tigers through Detroit’s weekend series with the White Sox. Corrigan has been watching the Tigers every day since last Tuesday.

Detroit is mulling a couple different directions to go at the deadline and apparently they see Pittsburgh as a possible fit as a trade partner. As the Tigers look to add a bat to their lineup, they have considered trying to find a middle infielder who can provide that production. Freddy Sanchez could be a fit there.

Detroit is also known to be looking at possibly adding a starter, preferably a left-hander, which could make Zach Duke a target.

Whoever Detroit’s interest is in, it’s obviously enough that the Pirates want to spend plenty of time scouting the Tigers to be ready to pick their asking price if Detroit decides the Pirates have who they want.

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