Andrew McCutchen on his way to Pittsburgh

3530552614_83a89c5b10.jpgWell, the good news for you Pirates fans is that you no longer have to wonder when Andrew McCutchen is finally going to make his Major-League debut. It’s going to be at 12:35 p.m. on Thursday, folks.

GM Neal Huntington wasn’t yet ready to confirm whether or not McCutchen will be playing center or left (Nyjer Morgan’s outstanding defense has to have him in consideration for that centerfield spot), but we’ll find out tomorrow. My guess is that McCutchen will land in center. He is the guy and has been groomed as a centerfielder. I really can’t see him being anywhere else. And it’s not like Morgan doesn’t have plenty of ground to cover in the spacious PNC Park left field.

From those I’ve talked to in Indy who have seen McCutchen play this season, it sure sounds like he’s ready. Huntington said there is still work to be done on McCutchen’s bunting and in the stolen base area, but his defense in Triple-A has been stellar and he’s improved his discipline at the plate.

Is he going to replace McLouth’s production right away? Nope, so don’t expect him to. He’s not going to put up the same power numbers, but eventually, McCutchen will be an impact bat. I’m also interested to see where he ends up in the Pirates’ order. Batting second behind Morgan would seem to make sense. Manager John Russell could then drop the hot-hitting Freddy Sanchez to the third hole. That’d be quite the speedy duo with Morgan and McCutchen up top.

McCutchen was hitting .303 with 10 doubles, eight triples, four homers, 20 RBIs, 10 stolen bases and 41 runs scored. So Pittsburgh…. the kid you have all been waiting for is here. And don’t worry, I join you in your enthusiasm to see him take the field on Thursday.

McCutchen will be added to the Pirates’ 40-man roster on Thursday. To make room, Pittsburgh will move Craig Hansen from the 15-day disabled list to the 60-day DL



    My patience as a Pirate’s fan is growing thin. The Pirates are the minor league for other teams. We find great talent like McLouth, watch him grow, see him excel, then use him as bait to get supposedly top rated pitchers that have 1-4 records with huge ERAs. Can’t we keep who we have? How long will we have Morgan, LaRoche or Doumit? The team’s roster is like going through a turnstile – constantly turning over. Just look how many former Pirates have done well with other teams – Bay, Ramiriz, etc. (and soon McLouth) These guys could have helped the Pirates contend with the big payroll teams. Sorry, I’ve been holding this in for years. I’ve been a fan since I was six years old (1959) and I don’t understand why we’ve been re-building for the last 15 years. We’ve started a great foundation – now let’s finish the house we’ve designed. Thanks.

  2. rosyfan

    I also have been a Pirates’ fam since I was 6 (1945). The Pirates were terrible up through the late 50’s. But in the mid 50’s, Branch Rickey started building up a farm system for the Pirates and at the same time building. Sound familiar. The farm system is the future; without it we will always be a losing team. Rickey picked up Virdon and Clemente both in 1955 and kept on building. The way we were was not good, the way we will be is good. Keep the faith!

  3. gjs867

    This was a great move, I think McLouth has batted .250 over the last 6 months, so we sold high. Gorkys is a speed freak, Locke and Morlan are solid pitchers.

    I can see where this franchise is headed, and it looks like we’re gonna be super quick, and built around athleticism. Imagine us with ‘Cutch, Gorkys, and Tabata in the field, Alvarez and LaRoche on the corners, and pitching with a top 10 team ERA. Our team average and total steals should rank among the best in the league.


    I agree with barneysboy. What the $^&*)^ are we doing?? I am a diehard fan. I have been enduring for many years. Been since late 60’s. I have seen management trade great talent for prospects that make us look like a farm system and behave like a double-A club. we just took two from the Mess, and what????
    Every year I have bought my brother season seats for his birthday. For years. His comment this year…I don’t want to see a minor league team any more. Please get me the Carneige Science Center membership.
    Let’s look back RECENTLY at our trade issues….Tim Wakefield, Aramis Ramerez (spl?), Jason Bay…to mention a ecent few…

    Stop. Let’s get our proverbial dung in order. Bad trade right now with McCuthen. As a diehard trusting fan, I hope eat my words, but…looking at Bucco history…I doubt it.


    Screwed up. Sorrry late. McCutchen will work; losing McLouth won’t. Whew…too tired. New gang, but very anxious.


    At least McCutheon will now get to check out were he”ll be playing in a year or two. Chicago…NY….Atlanta…San Fran.. The possibilities are endless when you play for the minor league affiliate of every major league team!

  7. medic14352

    “Pirates trade Nate McClouth for three Prospects”

    How many times as a Pirates fan have you seen that headline in the sports section? “Pirates trade ______ for _____ prospects” Take your player name pick and a number for the amount of prospects. Pirates fan are getting tired of “building for the future” The new management promised to a quality product on the field. How about we put a MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL team on the field and let the same guys play more than a few games together.

    The team was poised to make a decent run at .500 or better this year, I believe, but you cannot do that when the lineup is like the ticket turnstile. Now it looks like management has GIVEN UP on the season before the All-Star break.

    I bought a 20-game plan for the season, but I think that I am gonna sell the tickets and write off the Pirates altogether. They are never going to been good again. You might as well write Pittsburgh Pirates in next to the Team with the most consecutive losing seasons in all professional sports….


    You’ve been a Pirate’s fan longer than I, so based on your comments, I will try to keep the faith. I really don’t want to see a major league record broken this year for number of years in the losing bracket. Thanks.


    This trade made me sick when I saw it on As a long time very tolerant Pirates fan (Pittsburgh in general, though) and I subscribe to, as I live in the DC area now, just to watch the Buccos…and Mclouth…and Jack…and Freddy…Who will be next! We trade away a franchise gut like Nady and another good player in Nady, and now. It tries my patience.

  10. pitt1215

    This will only be a good trade if we see any of them at the big show soon. if not just another bad trade. You can load up at play in the farm but if you don’t got an all star up here it won’t matter. They should of waited till the deadline who knows we sweep the mets and have a good road trip we could be above 500. Look at Houston in 2005 they went form worst record starting out to the world series.


    I have lived in California since grauating from Penn State in 1965. The one constant for me has been the Buccos. I have been a fan sine my dad took me to my first game at FOrbes Field in the early ’50s. Much as I like Nate I think this will prove to be a good move. We needed to make room for McCutcheon.A nd got maximum value for McClouth. NEVER GIVE UP!.


    HEY weltytowngang boy, and any one else from the 50-60s that thinks you can build a team through a farm system . . . maybe you forgot about a guy named Curt Flood and his free agency, or the Rule 5 draft … you dont own ballplayers for life anymore — once they get to the majors and prove themselves, they have a right to go elsewhere, and if they dont get to the majors quick enough, other teams have a right to grab them away and give them a chance. We treat players like humans now.
    But, McLouth wanted to be here, even for the pittance of 2 mill. a year, for now. He agreed to give the Pirates a couple more years at a low salary, then his salary was due to increase, which the Pirates should be able to afford if they had indeed produced a winning team. BUT, guess what Neal Huntington just told us? — Apparently, he does not expect to have a winner in 3 years . . .?

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